Enjoying Delicious and Sumptuous Food in Dubai

DubaiDubai City | Image Resource : worldpoptravel.com

I am a foodie and love to try various dishes. To try local cuisines, I prefer visiting various places. This time during a long weekend, I decided to visit Dubai. It is famous for its huge buildings, shopping malls, and tasty cuisines. My main motto was to experience local cuisine in Dubai. Along with the sightseeing, I wanted to try new cuisines.

My Travel from Bahrain to Dubai

I checked with various airlines operating direct flights and numerous options to Dubai. While searching the flights, I even compared the ticket fares and found that Gulf Air booking was the most affordable. The frequency of the flights was great. I preferred booking an economy class ticket and opted for the window seat. I like to watch outside when the aircraft take off and lands.

My flight journey from Bahrain to Dubai was comfortable and the cabin staff offered great services. The onboard food was filling. I enjoyed my flight as my co-passenger was a long lost friend. I had a good time chatting with her and I felt that with a blink of any eye we reached our destination. The flight landed at the Dubai International Airport at the scheduled time.

My Economical Stay at Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai

My hotel was a 2-star hotel, which is situated very close to the Dubailand and Restless Planet. The location was convenient for the famous tourist destinations in the city were easily accessible from this property. The hotel was well maintained and the staff offered excellent hospitality.

The budget hotel offered deluxe rooms and I had booked one in advance for my stay. The room was pleasantly decorated and had a warm ambiance.

Gulf Air BookingGulf Air Booking | Image Resource : theflightreviews.com

Facilities Provided at the Hotel

The hotel provided all the basic and luxurious amenities. Some of the facilities worth-mentioning were as follows:

  • Internet service
  • Mini bar
  • ATM / Cash Machine
  • Recreational facilities

Satisfying My Food Cravings

I had a comfortable stay enjoying the warmth and privacy in the room. Other than the facilities, the food at the hotel was well-known. Nevertheless, Dubai cuisines are famous in the world and frankly speaking my sole purpose was to try some famous dishes. Of the few popular ones I tried, the Iranian Sangak and Al Harees are my favorites.

Iranian Sangak was one of the best Dubai cuisines. It was an Iranian flatbread that was made out of whole wheat. I am a bread lover and I simply loved this dish. Al Harees was one of the most traditional foods which I tried in Dubai. It was delicious and was made with wheat, meat, and salt. This baked dish was authentic and tasty.

My trip to Dubai was excellent and I enjoyed all the authentic dishes. The hotel offered unmatched hospitality at an affordable cost. The staff helped me a lot in explaining the authentic dishes and its core ingredients. The warm hospitality of this hotel and the delicious cuisine will be in my memories forever. It was one of my most comfortable and fruitful trips.


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