Amazing Journey With Saudi Arabian Air from Jeddah to Mumbai!

Jeddah to Mumbai FlightsJeddah to Mumbai Flights | Image Resource :

After a long time, I got a chance to visit Mumbai as a part of my Business Training. I have dreamed of a trip to the state which has centuries of history and many sites of tourist interest. I was slightly concerned about the availability of my flight tickets and I had just few days left to prepare my schedule.

I am very particular about time management so I wasted no time and immediately began to prepare my itinerary. I started searching on an online travel portal for the earliest flights available and finally booked my flight tickets on the Saudi Arabian Air 0744 which was the best option of all the Jeddah to Mumbai flights.

Planning for the flight journey!

I was pleased to note that I was able to sit comfortably in the seat which had ample legroom in the front, for my weary limbs to relax. Nestling my head in the soft head rest I listened to the mellifluous music of Kenny G through the audio in demand music in JUKEBOX. In no time I arrived in the sleepless city of Bombay, made famous by Bollywood and rags-to-riches stories of intrepid entrepreneurs.

Sahil HotelSahil Hotel | Image Resource :

I checked into Sahil Hotel a 3 star hotel situated in 292, Bellasis Road, Central Mumbai, which I had booked online two weeks earlier. This hotel was quite convenient to me as it was near to my training centre and has WIFI facility and free breakfast. The rooms had other facilities like safes, and tea/coffee making facilities with the usual sofa, work desk and the ubiquitous TV. They also had a gym which unfortunately I had no time to use.

Places to See in the dream city!

As most of my time I was in the training center, I had only little time for sightseeing. But as the evenings were free I took time to saunter around Victoria terminus and the ever busy Crawford Market. Jostling my way through the teeming mass of humanity and its attendant cacophony I was transported to a surrealist world. But the pride of the place was the Gateway of India built in 1924 to commemorate the visit to Bombay of King George V and his consort Queen Mary in 1911. Though it is open all time, I was told that the best time to visit is in between November to March after the monsoon season as we may not be caught up by a sudden downpour.

Siddhi Vinayak TempleMahalaxmi Temple | Image Resource :

The alluring Marine drive sparkled like a Jewel at night leaving me mesmerized. No wonder this place is an iconic location in Mumbai. There are also places of worship too like the Mahalaxmi Temple, Siddhi Vinayak temple and Haji Ali Mosque just to name a few. For those with more time on hand and are historically inclined they may visit Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum or snuggle in the shrubs of Kamala Nehru Garden. There are more places to visit, but then I have kept that aside for a different day.


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