Visit Islamabad – The Capital City Of Pakistan

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and also a great place for a tourist. It is full of natural beauty and the scenic locations make holiday in Pakistan a great experience. You can visit to Pakistan any time of the year and enjoy a time of life. Flights are available from different parts of the world to reach Islamabad and Pakistan cities. There are many good hotels also which you can use to stay in the city.

Flights from Riyadh Available

There are many flights available from Saudi Arabia to Islamabad. Airlines like the Saudi Arabian Air, Pakistan Intl Air, and Shaheen Air operate Riyadh to Islamabad flights for the passengers. You can book the flights easily at least 30 to 45 days in advance and enjoy the journey at low fares. The number of flights operated by the different airlines in this sector is

  • Saudi Arabian Air has 3
  • Pakistan Intl Air has 2
  • Shaheen Air has 1

You can choose from a total of 6 weekly flights available for the passengers. The first flight is available at 5.50 am and the last flight is available at 10 am. Islamabad is one of the cities which have lots of tourist places and other points of interest which makes it an interesting city. One of the best places to visit in the city is the famous Islamabad Museum of natural History.

Riyadh to Islamabad flights

Riyadh To Islamabad Flights | Image Resource :

Museums and Zoo in Islamabad

This is one of the places for all the history and science buffs. You get to learn a lot about the history and geography of Pakistan. It also houses some of the rarest treasures from some of the world’s earliest civilisations and it is fascinating to view many of the artefacts which are housed at this beautiful museum in the city. The tickets for the museum are very nominal and you can also pay a little extra for doing photography.

If you want to go for sightseeing in the city then the best place to travel is the Islamabad Zoo. The zoo is one of the important landmarks in the area and has a total of 150 different varieties of roses as well as many species of Jasmines. It is a popular hotspot among both the tourists and the locals of the region. Flower shows and other horticulture events are held here every year for the tourists.

Grocery Shopping and Historical Monuments of the City

If you are interested in shopping in the city then the covered markets of the city are the best places to visit. The Islamabad’s covered markets are easy t get to and buy vegetables and other groceries. The markets of Rawalpindi are also good to explore and you can visit the markets located here to buy some other items and artefacts.

If you like to visit the architectural heritages of the city then Faisal Mosque and the National Monument are the places to visit here. There are many other buildings of the government which stand out like the Pakistan Supreme Court Building and Saudi Park Tower.


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