Places To Visit For Couples In Jeddah: A Romantic Time Indeed

Makkah and Medina

Makkah and Medina | Image Resource :

Jeddah is the commercial, entertaining as well as capital city of Saudi Arabia. The city is located near to Red sea coast, as such it provides huge amount of aquatic environment and sightseeing places apart from abundant shopping places. The best time to visit the city is from October till May. So, you can plan to visit the place anytime between this duration.

Makkah and Medina are just four hours drive away from Jeddah. The city offers the tourists a fascination into country’s culture and its rich history with plenty of leisure activities like amusement parks, counting garden gardens as well as water sports.

Good time in Jeddah with beloved

Here is a list of places to visit for couples in Jeddah-

Corniche beach

This is the most stunning and beautiful place and is also called Red Sea Shore. The Beach looks gorgeous all through the day and particularly during even hours. The sunset at the beach is amazingly beautiful and worth of million dollars.


Exploring Balad is like going back to 1000 years ago. This is the most important place with relate to history as this place was founded by a fisherman 2500 years ago. It is an amazing place to visit, explore the place at your own pace.

King’s Fahad Fountain

The stunning and elegant King’s Fahad fountain is a must place to visit in Jeddah. It is the world’s biggest water fountain built on sea shore and looks mesmerizing. Ensure not to miss it while you are at Jeddah Corniche at evening hours.

King’s Fahad Fountain

King’s Fahad Fountain | Image Resource :

Floating Mosque

This is another amazing place to visit when you are in Jeddah on vacation. This amazingly beautiful floating mosque gives beautiful view of the place. The interior décor of the mosque is stunning and also has provisions for hot shower during winter season.

Medina gate

This enormous gate is built using strong limestone apart from being entrenched along the corals. The gate looks charmingly illuminated during might time.

Fakieh aquarium

This is the most elegant aquarium for the people of Saudi. It provides both education as well as entertainment by presenting wonders and lives of species under water brought from oceans and seas across the world. The aquarium features nearly 200 species of fishes, sharks, sea horse and yet more.

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Air Arabia Online Ticket Price

Air Arabia Online Ticket Price | Image Resource :

If you are planning to choose online reservation for your Jeddah vacation, then ensure to get it done at the earliest at single click of the mouse. Else you may have to burn your pocket and wait till the end moment to book tickets. The facilities provided are just amazing and suitable for all fliers, be it economical or business class fliers.


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