Choose any Taif Riyadh Flights to Explore Various Things to Do In Riyadh at Night

Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia and also its hub of commercial and political activity. It is a modern city and one that has a very high quality if life. It is also the most populous city in Saudi Arabia, one that has a very rich culture and heritage.

The city is full of skyscrapers and the tallest one is the Burj Rafal, which is known for its extraordinary exterior structure and interior opulence. Another interesting fact about the city is its camel market, which is the largest in the world wherein 100 camels are sold every day,

All important commercial establishments setup their base in this city, primarily because of the many benefits that it offers. There are so many business enterprises here from all over the world due to the many opportunities available in the city for growth.

taif riyadh flights

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Connecting To Riyadh

Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia is well connected with key cities across the country, through a flight network. You can easily reach Riyadh from Taif by booking tickets on Saudia or Flynas airlines. Taif Riyadh flights information is provided in their website through which you can decide when to make a ticket booking. Booking online enables you to buy tickets in just minutes.

Things That You Can Do In Riyadh

Step into the grand Al Faisaliah Shopping Mall, which is the most luxurious mall in the city. It has the best branded retail outlets where you can find products ranging from clothing to electronics and much more. The food court here is huge and catering to the taste of people from various ethnic groups. You can find numerous department stores here. This mall has shops which are meant for women, giving them the chance to buy items related to their needs and preferences.

Another extraordinary mall that you must not miss out is the Sahara Mall. It is the largest mall in the city and one that has about 200 shops. The range of items that can be purchased here is enormous, this giving shoppers a complete shopping experience. It is connected to the Tamimi grocery which in turn leads to the Sahara Plaza.

After all that shopping, you might want to refresh your mind with the latest magazines and novels. Check out the wonderful Jarir Bookstore which offers the latest items that are sure to invigorate and inspire. There is a huge variety of books to choose from that you will enjoy like nothing else.

king abdullah park

king abdullah park | Image Resource :

In the night, the city of Riyadh comes alive with bewitching lighting. All around, you can see shops, malls and restaurants showcasing such fabulous lighting effects. What better place to experience this than the King Abdullak Park, which showcases fantastic fountains with vibrant ad brilliant lighting all set to music. So enjoy the lovely sight. It is also the perfect place to take various types of photographs.

Find out more about the intricate culture and history of Riyadh make a trip to the national Museum of Saudi Arabia. You can learn about how the country was formed, its religious cities, pre-Islamic influences etc. There are many sections in the museum through which you can find out more about its rich heritage.


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