Famous Parks in Dubai That Are Oasis in the Desert

burj khalifa

Burj Khalifa | Image Resource : burjkhalifa.ae

Dubai is a major tourist attraction known for its plush malls, man-made wonders and desert camps. It lies on the Persian Gulf of the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the richest cities in the world and is well-known for its oil and gold trade. The beautiful emirate of Dubai is a most sought after destination in the United Arab Emirates. The most visited tourist attraction in Dubai is the 8th wonder of the world- the Palm Island.

Other famous tourist attractions in Dubai are the Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa, Ndubai Fountain, Dubai Gold, Spice Souks and Dubai Museum. There are many huge and luxurious shopping malls in Dubai which are loaded with international brands. Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, etc offers a variety of shops, entertainment and recreation facilities. These shopping malls offer a plethora of boutique houses and shops with a wide range of collection. Dubai is the best place to buy latest apparels, cosmetics, electronics, etc.

Best Time to Visit Dubai:

Dubai is located directly within the Arabian Desert and hence, it has a desert climate. The summer season is extremely hot while the winters are warm. So, the best time to explore Dubai is during the winter season which is from November to March.

dammam dubai flights

Dammam dubai flights | Image Resource : cdn.ek.aero

How to Reach Dubai:

Dubai International Airport is the only airport which serves Dubai. It is the biggest tourist hub in the entire Middle East. The airport is divided into three giant terminals. Various airlines fly to and from Dubai airport and carry millions of passengers each day. Airlines like Saudi Arabian Air, Emirates, Flydubai, etc operate flights from various cities to Dubai. As Dammam is oil-rich region and the capital of The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, regular Dammam Dubai flights are operated.

Various cities of Saudi Arabia and Dubai are connected to each other through a wide network of airlines and airports. Also, both Saudi Arabia and Dubai are Islamic countries as well as important for trade, these two are connected to each other conveniently.

Top National Parks in Dubai:

Dubai is blessed with scenic beaches and various other natural as well as man-made sites. National parks in Dubai are impressive and are must-visit. Here is the list t of some top national parks in Dubai which every traveler must visit:

Mushrif Park: Popular picnic spot among the locals, this park is a must visit when in Dubai. Here, visitors can walk through the beautiful and well-maintained botanical gardens with friends and family members or can just relax and unwind while watching birds. It has an abundance of greenery and indigenous wildlife. Various birds like Yellow Throated Sparrows, Arabian Babblers, and Rufous-tailed Robins are easy to spot here along with some rare birds.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary: The wildlife sanctuary is a wetland reserve. It is famous for attracting various migratory birds. Here, visitors can spot numerous birds, small mammals, crustaceans, and fish. Three bird hides are built in this park and various measures are taken to protect and preserve the delicate ecosystem of this wildlife sanctuary.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum purchased a huge land and fenced off the area to protect various indigenous species of animals. More than 6000 trees are planted here and the crucial ecosystem is regenerated in this conservation reserve park over the years. Here, the wildlife followed and various animals like Rueppell’s fox, San Gazelle, vipers, Ethiopian hedgehog, etc inhabited. Though this national park is established in 1997, yet it has attracted millions of wildlife lovers.

Zabeel Park: This urban public park is divided into various sectors. Public Parks and Horticulture Department of Dubai maintains this beautiful park. It is the first technology-themed park in the entire Gulf region and has cricket stadium, boating lake, plants and horticulture spaces, jogging tracks, barbecue services and much more.

Other famous parks in Dubai are The Green Planet, Al Barsha Pond Park, etc.