Take Etihad Flights And Reach Rajasthan To Explore The Nightlife In Jaipur

pink city jaipur

Pink City Jaipur |Image Resource : ytimg.com

Jaipur, the city with its own soul! The gateway to the vintage palaces, is the capital of Rajasthan, and is popularly known as the “Pink City.” The smell and air of the city holds the history of the royalties, the stories of the kings and the queens. Founded by Maharaja Jay Singh II, the city is considered as the 10th most populated city in India.

Jaipur is a city lost in the different world. Once visited, the memories are too cherished forever. In order to experience how the city looks during the night time, here are few shortlisted places to check out before you officially check out from the place.

There are various ways to enjoy the nightlife in Jaipur. Like pubs, discs, to name some.


One of the best places to enjoy an evening with your friends, Aza has a bar placed at the lobby level. Stocked with a cigar room, a whisky bar, as well as an outside drinking area, the luxurious surroundings will definitely be etched in your memories for long time. Enjoy the nightlife and make sure to capture some exciting memories as well.

Steam Lounge Bar

Second most crazy and must visit hotspot in Jaipur is the steam lounge bar. Once the home of the glamorous Maharani Gayatri Devi, how can we miss this opportunity to experience the royal style. Comprising of the finest collection of liquor, cocktails, mocktails, relive the vintage vogue with this. Book your tickets now to experience this feeling.

The Grunge Lounge Bar

Filled with some lip-smacking dishes, the place is a like a surprise bag. With various facilities like cricket viewing, the place is right for the youth. Every Wednesday, and Friday, visitors can witness the live performance of a band. So, book your tickets to enjoy these unusual feelings.


This famous roof top restro cum bar, “Tablu,” is just the choice you have been searching for. Enjoy the nightlife in style and pomp, and carry with yourself some memorable memory to capture. Located at the 8th floor of Hotel Clarks Amer, a sure shot mood changer. With great option of music, snacks, and drinks, Tablu offers the visitors the best rooftop view.

District 9 Lounge

Spend some quality time with your friends here at District 9 Lounge. With so many positive reviews, the place is the right options for having a light casual chat and experience the night life as well. Jaipur is a place that looks more elegant during the night time. So, use it to the fullest. Cause, it is a one of a kind experience. The lighted up and the moon lit Jaipur, weaves magic.


Etihad | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Flight Options for Jaipur

All the aspiring Pink City visitors need not worry, as Jaipur has multiple flights at your service. Staring from Indigo, Air India, to etihad , travel to the city full of heart and affection. So, pack your bags and head for the next travel destination to Jaipur. You will surely love it.

If you are visiting the pink city of India from somewhere abroad, then one of the best options to go for is Etihad amongst others. It offers a combination of convenience and comfort so that you can travel to and from Jaipur with the best experience.


It’s Easier To Book For Airway Services With The Help Of Etihad!


Khalifa City | Image Resource : propertyfinder.com

Since its commencement in 2003, the airway service provided by United Arb Emirates has come a long way. They are the fastest growing brands of airway service providers.

Etihad has its base at the International airport of Abu Dhabi. Their head office is situated at Khalifa City.  Etihad is also the flag transporter of United Arab Emirates. They have made history is several occasions over the decade and would continue to do so.

Achievements of Etihad Airways as they look to seal they position at top

This Etihad Airways has received a host of prestigious airline awards. Among their list of long achieved glory, “World’s Leading Airline” stands at the top of the list. For three successive years, they have made their mark at World Travel Award from 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Some of the other awards received by Etihad airways include:

•    Leading Airline of Middle East
•    Top Airline First Class in the Middle East
•    In Flight Entertaining award for being the best in Middle East
•    An award for providing the Foremost Cabin Staff in Middle East as listed at World Travel Awards in 2012.

Top sectors and Etihad flight booking options available at UAE airlines

There are several top sectors of airlines at Etihad. They are situated at:

•    Wellington to Auckland
•    Wellington to Christchurch
•    Wellington to Auckland
•    Auckland to Wellington

There are several occasional flights running from Hyderabad to New Delhi, from Lanzarote to Madrid and also from Auckland to Gold Coast.

In the past when internet was not as efficient as now, people had to rush to the respective airlines to book tickets and even use the help of telegrams. But now it’s not that hectic. Anyone who wants to board an Etihad flight can simple visit online Etihad flight booking agencies and various portals. These websites will provide the most accurate information about the list of available airway services in their respective countries.


Etihad | Image Resource : heathrow.com

You can be also certain of the fact weather your name is one the confirmed list of waiting list. Etihad PNR status can be checked simply by clicking on the link provided on these websites. To get all the information regarding flights, ground services, discounts and more, browse on these Etihad online booking.

There are several websites present in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman that provides important information regarding these airway services.

Various Etihad flight status and baggage allowance services

To check the flight status, all you need to do is check the PNR. You will get all the necessary information regarding your name on the confirmed list or waiting list. You would get information regarding cases of delay. Etihad flight status can be easily checked via online portals. There are four classes namely Pearl Business (seat), Diamond First, Pearl Business (flatbed) as well as Coral Economy.

Their services vary according to the destination. The fleet consists of:

•    2 A319-100s
•    3 B777-300ERs
•    17 A320-200s
•    6 A330-300s
•    7 A340-600s
•    4 A340-500s
•    10 B777-300ERs
•    16 A330-200s

These airlines also provide connectivity to various several destinations all across Middle East.