Explore The Oldest Museum In Lebanon: Beirut National Museum

Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon

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Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon. Apart from being the capital, it is said to be one of the largest cities. Lebanon is one of the famous historical places among the Middle East countries. When you talk about historical places in Lebanon, Beirut national museum must be the one place to be considered. The national museum is situated in Mazra district. It was one of the oldest museums in the world. You will get to explore many historical facts of Beirut and Lebanon there. It will surely be an interesting journey for you.

Explore more in museum:

  • Museums can be less interesting for many people. However, in Beirut National Museum, you will be mesmerised to see their collection of archaeological artifacts. Currently the museum has 1, 00,000 facts and statues from oldest historical life of Lebanon.
  • Many of the facts regarding how the inhabitants started living in this place and how their life has began can be found in Beirut National Museum.
  • The museum was established in 1942. However the findings started since World War 1. Unfortunately during Lebanese War, it closed down for a while but again came back during last quarter of the year 1999. Since then it is protecting the golden history of Lebanon successfully.

Beirut national museum

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Get the mesmerising experience:

  • You need to submit your passport to the front office. As you enter the museum, you need to collect the iPad given by the museum authority.
  • The iPad has all the information regarding the statues, artifacts, events, stones, coins and all the notes you will find in the museum.
  • You also get to watch a 10-15 minutes documentary on the history of the museum and its collection. There will not be any guide or helper to help you through the hall. The iPad will guide you and give you the exact information about the specimen, you want to know about.
  • From Stone Age to modern age, you will find every tiny bit of the history of Lebanon. When you will climb up to 1st floor, you will get to see Iron and Bronze Age findings from across the country.

Museums are at times being boring for many. But here in Beirut, people will get awestruck by the extensive collection they have. The story teller iPad and the documentary acts as the cherry on the cake. Beirut national museum is a must-visit place in Lebanon.

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Reaching Beirut

Reaching Beirut National Museum is easier. When you are in Beirut then you can take any means of transport to reach Mazra. Now you will find many a flights, rather affordable and cheap international flights by Go Air or others to fly anywhere anytime. However, Saudi Arabian Air, Cedar Jet, and Alitalia are the airlines that operate between Jeddah and Beirut. You can book online, get your web check in done easily and also get info about your baggage, etc. Book in advance and get exciting discounts on air tickets.