Choose any Taif Riyadh Flights to Explore Various Things to Do In Riyadh at Night

Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia and also its hub of commercial and political activity. It is a modern city and one that has a very high quality if life. It is also the most populous city in Saudi Arabia, one that has a very rich culture and heritage.

The city is full of skyscrapers and the tallest one is the Burj Rafal, which is known for its extraordinary exterior structure and interior opulence. Another interesting fact about the city is its camel market, which is the largest in the world wherein 100 camels are sold every day,

All important commercial establishments setup their base in this city, primarily because of the many benefits that it offers. There are so many business enterprises here from all over the world due to the many opportunities available in the city for growth.

taif riyadh flights

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Connecting To Riyadh

Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia is well connected with key cities across the country, through a flight network. You can easily reach Riyadh from Taif by booking tickets on Saudia or Flynas airlines. Taif Riyadh flights information is provided in their website through which you can decide when to make a ticket booking. Booking online enables you to buy tickets in just minutes.

Things That You Can Do In Riyadh

Step into the grand Al Faisaliah Shopping Mall, which is the most luxurious mall in the city. It has the best branded retail outlets where you can find products ranging from clothing to electronics and much more. The food court here is huge and catering to the taste of people from various ethnic groups. You can find numerous department stores here. This mall has shops which are meant for women, giving them the chance to buy items related to their needs and preferences.

Another extraordinary mall that you must not miss out is the Sahara Mall. It is the largest mall in the city and one that has about 200 shops. The range of items that can be purchased here is enormous, this giving shoppers a complete shopping experience. It is connected to the Tamimi grocery which in turn leads to the Sahara Plaza.

After all that shopping, you might want to refresh your mind with the latest magazines and novels. Check out the wonderful Jarir Bookstore which offers the latest items that are sure to invigorate and inspire. There is a huge variety of books to choose from that you will enjoy like nothing else.

king abdullah park

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In the night, the city of Riyadh comes alive with bewitching lighting. All around, you can see shops, malls and restaurants showcasing such fabulous lighting effects. What better place to experience this than the King Abdullak Park, which showcases fantastic fountains with vibrant ad brilliant lighting all set to music. So enjoy the lovely sight. It is also the perfect place to take various types of photographs.

Find out more about the intricate culture and history of Riyadh make a trip to the national Museum of Saudi Arabia. You can learn about how the country was formed, its religious cities, pre-Islamic influences etc. There are many sections in the museum through which you can find out more about its rich heritage.


Famous Parks in Dubai That Are Oasis in the Desert

burj khalifa

Burj Khalifa | Image Resource :

Dubai is a major tourist attraction known for its plush malls, man-made wonders and desert camps. It lies on the Persian Gulf of the Arabian Peninsula. It is one of the richest cities in the world and is well-known for its oil and gold trade. The beautiful emirate of Dubai is a most sought after destination in the United Arab Emirates. The most visited tourist attraction in Dubai is the 8th wonder of the world- the Palm Island.

Other famous tourist attractions in Dubai are the Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa, Ndubai Fountain, Dubai Gold, Spice Souks and Dubai Museum. There are many huge and luxurious shopping malls in Dubai which are loaded with international brands. Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, etc offers a variety of shops, entertainment and recreation facilities. These shopping malls offer a plethora of boutique houses and shops with a wide range of collection. Dubai is the best place to buy latest apparels, cosmetics, electronics, etc.

Best Time to Visit Dubai:

Dubai is located directly within the Arabian Desert and hence, it has a desert climate. The summer season is extremely hot while the winters are warm. So, the best time to explore Dubai is during the winter season which is from November to March.

dammam dubai flights

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How to Reach Dubai:

Dubai International Airport is the only airport which serves Dubai. It is the biggest tourist hub in the entire Middle East. The airport is divided into three giant terminals. Various airlines fly to and from Dubai airport and carry millions of passengers each day. Airlines like Saudi Arabian Air, Emirates, Flydubai, etc operate flights from various cities to Dubai. As Dammam is oil-rich region and the capital of The Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, regular Dammam Dubai flights are operated.

Various cities of Saudi Arabia and Dubai are connected to each other through a wide network of airlines and airports. Also, both Saudi Arabia and Dubai are Islamic countries as well as important for trade, these two are connected to each other conveniently.

Top National Parks in Dubai:

Dubai is blessed with scenic beaches and various other natural as well as man-made sites. National parks in Dubai are impressive and are must-visit. Here is the list t of some top national parks in Dubai which every traveler must visit:

Mushrif Park: Popular picnic spot among the locals, this park is a must visit when in Dubai. Here, visitors can walk through the beautiful and well-maintained botanical gardens with friends and family members or can just relax and unwind while watching birds. It has an abundance of greenery and indigenous wildlife. Various birds like Yellow Throated Sparrows, Arabian Babblers, and Rufous-tailed Robins are easy to spot here along with some rare birds.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary: The wildlife sanctuary is a wetland reserve. It is famous for attracting various migratory birds. Here, visitors can spot numerous birds, small mammals, crustaceans, and fish. Three bird hides are built in this park and various measures are taken to protect and preserve the delicate ecosystem of this wildlife sanctuary.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum purchased a huge land and fenced off the area to protect various indigenous species of animals. More than 6000 trees are planted here and the crucial ecosystem is regenerated in this conservation reserve park over the years. Here, the wildlife followed and various animals like Rueppell’s fox, San Gazelle, vipers, Ethiopian hedgehog, etc inhabited. Though this national park is established in 1997, yet it has attracted millions of wildlife lovers.

Zabeel Park: This urban public park is divided into various sectors. Public Parks and Horticulture Department of Dubai maintains this beautiful park. It is the first technology-themed park in the entire Gulf region and has cricket stadium, boating lake, plants and horticulture spaces, jogging tracks, barbecue services and much more.

Other famous parks in Dubai are The Green Planet, Al Barsha Pond Park, etc.


Take Etihad Flights And Reach Rajasthan To Explore The Nightlife In Jaipur

pink city jaipur

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Jaipur, the city with its own soul! The gateway to the vintage palaces, is the capital of Rajasthan, and is popularly known as the “Pink City.” The smell and air of the city holds the history of the royalties, the stories of the kings and the queens. Founded by Maharaja Jay Singh II, the city is considered as the 10th most populated city in India.

Jaipur is a city lost in the different world. Once visited, the memories are too cherished forever. In order to experience how the city looks during the night time, here are few shortlisted places to check out before you officially check out from the place.

There are various ways to enjoy the nightlife in Jaipur. Like pubs, discs, to name some.


One of the best places to enjoy an evening with your friends, Aza has a bar placed at the lobby level. Stocked with a cigar room, a whisky bar, as well as an outside drinking area, the luxurious surroundings will definitely be etched in your memories for long time. Enjoy the nightlife and make sure to capture some exciting memories as well.

Steam Lounge Bar

Second most crazy and must visit hotspot in Jaipur is the steam lounge bar. Once the home of the glamorous Maharani Gayatri Devi, how can we miss this opportunity to experience the royal style. Comprising of the finest collection of liquor, cocktails, mocktails, relive the vintage vogue with this. Book your tickets now to experience this feeling.

The Grunge Lounge Bar

Filled with some lip-smacking dishes, the place is a like a surprise bag. With various facilities like cricket viewing, the place is right for the youth. Every Wednesday, and Friday, visitors can witness the live performance of a band. So, book your tickets to enjoy these unusual feelings.


This famous roof top restro cum bar, “Tablu,” is just the choice you have been searching for. Enjoy the nightlife in style and pomp, and carry with yourself some memorable memory to capture. Located at the 8th floor of Hotel Clarks Amer, a sure shot mood changer. With great option of music, snacks, and drinks, Tablu offers the visitors the best rooftop view.

District 9 Lounge

Spend some quality time with your friends here at District 9 Lounge. With so many positive reviews, the place is the right options for having a light casual chat and experience the night life as well. Jaipur is a place that looks more elegant during the night time. So, use it to the fullest. Cause, it is a one of a kind experience. The lighted up and the moon lit Jaipur, weaves magic.


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Flight Options for Jaipur

All the aspiring Pink City visitors need not worry, as Jaipur has multiple flights at your service. Staring from Indigo, Air India, to etihad , travel to the city full of heart and affection. So, pack your bags and head for the next travel destination to Jaipur. You will surely love it.

If you are visiting the pink city of India from somewhere abroad, then one of the best options to go for is Etihad amongst others. It offers a combination of convenience and comfort so that you can travel to and from Jaipur with the best experience.

Places To Visit For Couples In Jeddah: A Romantic Time Indeed

Makkah and Medina

Makkah and Medina | Image Resource :

Jeddah is the commercial, entertaining as well as capital city of Saudi Arabia. The city is located near to Red sea coast, as such it provides huge amount of aquatic environment and sightseeing places apart from abundant shopping places. The best time to visit the city is from October till May. So, you can plan to visit the place anytime between this duration.

Makkah and Medina are just four hours drive away from Jeddah. The city offers the tourists a fascination into country’s culture and its rich history with plenty of leisure activities like amusement parks, counting garden gardens as well as water sports.

Good time in Jeddah with beloved

Here is a list of places to visit for couples in Jeddah-

Corniche beach

This is the most stunning and beautiful place and is also called Red Sea Shore. The Beach looks gorgeous all through the day and particularly during even hours. The sunset at the beach is amazingly beautiful and worth of million dollars.


Exploring Balad is like going back to 1000 years ago. This is the most important place with relate to history as this place was founded by a fisherman 2500 years ago. It is an amazing place to visit, explore the place at your own pace.

King’s Fahad Fountain

The stunning and elegant King’s Fahad fountain is a must place to visit in Jeddah. It is the world’s biggest water fountain built on sea shore and looks mesmerizing. Ensure not to miss it while you are at Jeddah Corniche at evening hours.

King’s Fahad Fountain

King’s Fahad Fountain | Image Resource :

Floating Mosque

This is another amazing place to visit when you are in Jeddah on vacation. This amazingly beautiful floating mosque gives beautiful view of the place. The interior décor of the mosque is stunning and also has provisions for hot shower during winter season.

Medina gate

This enormous gate is built using strong limestone apart from being entrenched along the corals. The gate looks charmingly illuminated during might time.

Fakieh aquarium

This is the most elegant aquarium for the people of Saudi. It provides both education as well as entertainment by presenting wonders and lives of species under water brought from oceans and seas across the world. The aquarium features nearly 200 species of fishes, sharks, sea horse and yet more.

Perks of knowing Air Arabia online ticket price

Travelling via flight to Jeddah is the most convenient way of travelling. The process of reserving Air Arabia flight tickets and knowing Air Arabia online ticket price is an easy task. To make the task much simpler, online travel portals offer much needed information within no time.

Air Arabia Online Ticket Price

Air Arabia Online Ticket Price | Image Resource :

If you are planning to choose online reservation for your Jeddah vacation, then ensure to get it done at the earliest at single click of the mouse. Else you may have to burn your pocket and wait till the end moment to book tickets. The facilities provided are just amazing and suitable for all fliers, be it economical or business class fliers.

Explore The Oldest Museum In Lebanon: Beirut National Museum

Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon

Beirut city | Image Resource :

Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon. Apart from being the capital, it is said to be one of the largest cities. Lebanon is one of the famous historical places among the Middle East countries. When you talk about historical places in Lebanon, Beirut national museum must be the one place to be considered. The national museum is situated in Mazra district. It was one of the oldest museums in the world. You will get to explore many historical facts of Beirut and Lebanon there. It will surely be an interesting journey for you.

Explore more in museum:

  • Museums can be less interesting for many people. However, in Beirut National Museum, you will be mesmerised to see their collection of archaeological artifacts. Currently the museum has 1, 00,000 facts and statues from oldest historical life of Lebanon.
  • Many of the facts regarding how the inhabitants started living in this place and how their life has began can be found in Beirut National Museum.
  • The museum was established in 1942. However the findings started since World War 1. Unfortunately during Lebanese War, it closed down for a while but again came back during last quarter of the year 1999. Since then it is protecting the golden history of Lebanon successfully.

Beirut national museum

Beirut National Museum | Image Resource :

Get the mesmerising experience:

  • You need to submit your passport to the front office. As you enter the museum, you need to collect the iPad given by the museum authority.
  • The iPad has all the information regarding the statues, artifacts, events, stones, coins and all the notes you will find in the museum.
  • You also get to watch a 10-15 minutes documentary on the history of the museum and its collection. There will not be any guide or helper to help you through the hall. The iPad will guide you and give you the exact information about the specimen, you want to know about.
  • From Stone Age to modern age, you will find every tiny bit of the history of Lebanon. When you will climb up to 1st floor, you will get to see Iron and Bronze Age findings from across the country.

Museums are at times being boring for many. But here in Beirut, people will get awestruck by the extensive collection they have. The story teller iPad and the documentary acts as the cherry on the cake. Beirut national museum is a must-visit place in Lebanon.

Go Air

Go Air | Image Resource :

Reaching Beirut

Reaching Beirut National Museum is easier. When you are in Beirut then you can take any means of transport to reach Mazra. Now you will find many a flights, rather affordable and cheap international flights by Go Air or others to fly anywhere anytime. However, Saudi Arabian Air, Cedar Jet, and Alitalia are the airlines that operate between Jeddah and Beirut. You can book online, get your web check in done easily and also get info about your baggage, etc. Book in advance and get exciting discounts on air tickets.

Visit Islamabad – The Capital City Of Pakistan

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and also a great place for a tourist. It is full of natural beauty and the scenic locations make holiday in Pakistan a great experience. You can visit to Pakistan any time of the year and enjoy a time of life. Flights are available from different parts of the world to reach Islamabad and Pakistan cities. There are many good hotels also which you can use to stay in the city.

Flights from Riyadh Available

There are many flights available from Saudi Arabia to Islamabad. Airlines like the Saudi Arabian Air, Pakistan Intl Air, and Shaheen Air operate Riyadh to Islamabad flights for the passengers. You can book the flights easily at least 30 to 45 days in advance and enjoy the journey at low fares. The number of flights operated by the different airlines in this sector is

  • Saudi Arabian Air has 3
  • Pakistan Intl Air has 2
  • Shaheen Air has 1

You can choose from a total of 6 weekly flights available for the passengers. The first flight is available at 5.50 am and the last flight is available at 10 am. Islamabad is one of the cities which have lots of tourist places and other points of interest which makes it an interesting city. One of the best places to visit in the city is the famous Islamabad Museum of natural History.

Riyadh to Islamabad flights

Riyadh To Islamabad Flights | Image Resource :

Museums and Zoo in Islamabad

This is one of the places for all the history and science buffs. You get to learn a lot about the history and geography of Pakistan. It also houses some of the rarest treasures from some of the world’s earliest civilisations and it is fascinating to view many of the artefacts which are housed at this beautiful museum in the city. The tickets for the museum are very nominal and you can also pay a little extra for doing photography.

If you want to go for sightseeing in the city then the best place to travel is the Islamabad Zoo. The zoo is one of the important landmarks in the area and has a total of 150 different varieties of roses as well as many species of Jasmines. It is a popular hotspot among both the tourists and the locals of the region. Flower shows and other horticulture events are held here every year for the tourists.

Grocery Shopping and Historical Monuments of the City

If you are interested in shopping in the city then the covered markets of the city are the best places to visit. The Islamabad’s covered markets are easy t get to and buy vegetables and other groceries. The markets of Rawalpindi are also good to explore and you can visit the markets located here to buy some other items and artefacts.

If you like to visit the architectural heritages of the city then Faisal Mosque and the National Monument are the places to visit here. There are many other buildings of the government which stand out like the Pakistan Supreme Court Building and Saudi Park Tower.

Amazing Journey With Saudi Arabian Air from Jeddah to Mumbai!

Jeddah to Mumbai FlightsJeddah to Mumbai Flights | Image Resource :

After a long time, I got a chance to visit Mumbai as a part of my Business Training. I have dreamed of a trip to the state which has centuries of history and many sites of tourist interest. I was slightly concerned about the availability of my flight tickets and I had just few days left to prepare my schedule.

I am very particular about time management so I wasted no time and immediately began to prepare my itinerary. I started searching on an online travel portal for the earliest flights available and finally booked my flight tickets on the Saudi Arabian Air 0744 which was the best option of all the Jeddah to Mumbai flights.

Planning for the flight journey!

I was pleased to note that I was able to sit comfortably in the seat which had ample legroom in the front, for my weary limbs to relax. Nestling my head in the soft head rest I listened to the mellifluous music of Kenny G through the audio in demand music in JUKEBOX. In no time I arrived in the sleepless city of Bombay, made famous by Bollywood and rags-to-riches stories of intrepid entrepreneurs.

Sahil HotelSahil Hotel | Image Resource :

I checked into Sahil Hotel a 3 star hotel situated in 292, Bellasis Road, Central Mumbai, which I had booked online two weeks earlier. This hotel was quite convenient to me as it was near to my training centre and has WIFI facility and free breakfast. The rooms had other facilities like safes, and tea/coffee making facilities with the usual sofa, work desk and the ubiquitous TV. They also had a gym which unfortunately I had no time to use.

Places to See in the dream city!

As most of my time I was in the training center, I had only little time for sightseeing. But as the evenings were free I took time to saunter around Victoria terminus and the ever busy Crawford Market. Jostling my way through the teeming mass of humanity and its attendant cacophony I was transported to a surrealist world. But the pride of the place was the Gateway of India built in 1924 to commemorate the visit to Bombay of King George V and his consort Queen Mary in 1911. Though it is open all time, I was told that the best time to visit is in between November to March after the monsoon season as we may not be caught up by a sudden downpour.

Siddhi Vinayak TempleMahalaxmi Temple | Image Resource :

The alluring Marine drive sparkled like a Jewel at night leaving me mesmerized. No wonder this place is an iconic location in Mumbai. There are also places of worship too like the Mahalaxmi Temple, Siddhi Vinayak temple and Haji Ali Mosque just to name a few. For those with more time on hand and are historically inclined they may visit Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum or snuggle in the shrubs of Kamala Nehru Garden. There are more places to visit, but then I have kept that aside for a different day.

Enjoying Delicious and Sumptuous Food in Dubai

DubaiDubai City | Image Resource :

I am a foodie and love to try various dishes. To try local cuisines, I prefer visiting various places. This time during a long weekend, I decided to visit Dubai. It is famous for its huge buildings, shopping malls, and tasty cuisines. My main motto was to experience local cuisine in Dubai. Along with the sightseeing, I wanted to try new cuisines.

My Travel from Bahrain to Dubai

I checked with various airlines operating direct flights and numerous options to Dubai. While searching the flights, I even compared the ticket fares and found that Gulf Air booking was the most affordable. The frequency of the flights was great. I preferred booking an economy class ticket and opted for the window seat. I like to watch outside when the aircraft take off and lands.

My flight journey from Bahrain to Dubai was comfortable and the cabin staff offered great services. The onboard food was filling. I enjoyed my flight as my co-passenger was a long lost friend. I had a good time chatting with her and I felt that with a blink of any eye we reached our destination. The flight landed at the Dubai International Airport at the scheduled time.

My Economical Stay at Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai

My hotel was a 2-star hotel, which is situated very close to the Dubailand and Restless Planet. The location was convenient for the famous tourist destinations in the city were easily accessible from this property. The hotel was well maintained and the staff offered excellent hospitality.

The budget hotel offered deluxe rooms and I had booked one in advance for my stay. The room was pleasantly decorated and had a warm ambiance.

Gulf Air BookingGulf Air Booking | Image Resource :

Facilities Provided at the Hotel

The hotel provided all the basic and luxurious amenities. Some of the facilities worth-mentioning were as follows:

  • Internet service
  • Mini bar
  • ATM / Cash Machine
  • Recreational facilities

Satisfying My Food Cravings

I had a comfortable stay enjoying the warmth and privacy in the room. Other than the facilities, the food at the hotel was well-known. Nevertheless, Dubai cuisines are famous in the world and frankly speaking my sole purpose was to try some famous dishes. Of the few popular ones I tried, the Iranian Sangak and Al Harees are my favorites.

Iranian Sangak was one of the best Dubai cuisines. It was an Iranian flatbread that was made out of whole wheat. I am a bread lover and I simply loved this dish. Al Harees was one of the most traditional foods which I tried in Dubai. It was delicious and was made with wheat, meat, and salt. This baked dish was authentic and tasty.

My trip to Dubai was excellent and I enjoyed all the authentic dishes. The hotel offered unmatched hospitality at an affordable cost. The staff helped me a lot in explaining the authentic dishes and its core ingredients. The warm hospitality of this hotel and the delicious cuisine will be in my memories forever. It was one of my most comfortable and fruitful trips.

It’s Easier To Book For Airway Services With The Help Of Etihad!


Khalifa City | Image Resource :

Since its commencement in 2003, the airway service provided by United Arb Emirates has come a long way. They are the fastest growing brands of airway service providers.

Etihad has its base at the International airport of Abu Dhabi. Their head office is situated at Khalifa City.  Etihad is also the flag transporter of United Arab Emirates. They have made history is several occasions over the decade and would continue to do so.

Achievements of Etihad Airways as they look to seal they position at top

This Etihad Airways has received a host of prestigious airline awards. Among their list of long achieved glory, “World’s Leading Airline” stands at the top of the list. For three successive years, they have made their mark at World Travel Award from 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Some of the other awards received by Etihad airways include:

•    Leading Airline of Middle East
•    Top Airline First Class in the Middle East
•    In Flight Entertaining award for being the best in Middle East
•    An award for providing the Foremost Cabin Staff in Middle East as listed at World Travel Awards in 2012.

Top sectors and Etihad flight booking options available at UAE airlines

There are several top sectors of airlines at Etihad. They are situated at:

•    Wellington to Auckland
•    Wellington to Christchurch
•    Wellington to Auckland
•    Auckland to Wellington

There are several occasional flights running from Hyderabad to New Delhi, from Lanzarote to Madrid and also from Auckland to Gold Coast.

In the past when internet was not as efficient as now, people had to rush to the respective airlines to book tickets and even use the help of telegrams. But now it’s not that hectic. Anyone who wants to board an Etihad flight can simple visit online Etihad flight booking agencies and various portals. These websites will provide the most accurate information about the list of available airway services in their respective countries.


Etihad | Image Resource :

You can be also certain of the fact weather your name is one the confirmed list of waiting list. Etihad PNR status can be checked simply by clicking on the link provided on these websites. To get all the information regarding flights, ground services, discounts and more, browse on these Etihad online booking.

There are several websites present in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman that provides important information regarding these airway services.

Various Etihad flight status and baggage allowance services

To check the flight status, all you need to do is check the PNR. You will get all the necessary information regarding your name on the confirmed list or waiting list. You would get information regarding cases of delay. Etihad flight status can be easily checked via online portals. There are four classes namely Pearl Business (seat), Diamond First, Pearl Business (flatbed) as well as Coral Economy.

Their services vary according to the destination. The fleet consists of:

•    2 A319-100s
•    3 B777-300ERs
•    17 A320-200s
•    6 A330-300s
•    7 A340-600s
•    4 A340-500s
•    10 B777-300ERs
•    16 A330-200s

These airlines also provide connectivity to various several destinations all across Middle East.

A Memorable and Fun Filled Trip to Bangkok

I am all the time quite held up with my job as a dentist treating patients and following a fixed routine. So every now and then I need a break from my daily schedule to relax and rejuvenate my mind and body.

Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific | Image Resource:

What else could be a more happening idea to seek some fun rather than going on a trip to the beautiful tourist destination Bangkok with friends?So I was quite excited for this holiday and I made the flight and hotel bookings well in advance to avoid last minute hassle. I searched the comparative prices and schedule of all the major air carriers operating between Hong Kong to Bangkok and finally decided to book flight tickets for Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Cathay Pacific Airlines-fly in comfort

This leading budget air carrier offers some of the best in – flight amenities such as state of the art in – flight AVOD entertainment system with a host of music, movie and TV channels to choose from. The airline also offers in – flight magazine to keep the passengers occupied all through the flight duration. I boarded the Cathay Pacific flight at 12 pm from the Hong Kong Airport and reached the Suvarnabhumi Airport at Bangkok at 1.55 pm. the total flight duration for my non – stop flight was 2 hours and 55 minutes. The airline allows 30 kgs of check – in baggage and 7 kgs of cabin baggage free of cost. Hence I could easily carry all my stuff without worrying for payment of extra surcharge on luggage.

Kingston Suites – elegant Bangkok boutique hotel

As I reached the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport the airport shuttle offered by my hotel was already waiting to take me to my stay in the city which I had booked online. The uniquely designed Kingston Suites hotel is located outside the hustle bustle of the city and hence was a perfect recluse for me. The artfully blended elegance and styles with world class hospitality offered by this four star property did not fail to impress me. Some of the modern amenities and personalized services offered by this hotel are –

  • Air conditioned and tastefully designed, spacious rooms
  • Round the clock room service and Porters
  • Front desk
  • Elevators
  • Free parking
  • Complimentary wireless internet connectivity
  • Hair dryer and complimentary toiletries
  • In -houses multi-cuisine restaurant
  • Bar and Business centre etc.

My stay was really comfortable in this hotel. Hereafter I went out to explore some of the most revered attractions in the city.

Places to visit

I visited the Sea Life in Bangkok which is one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia. The admission  are a bit steep here but you can get your money’s worth if you stay longer and enjoy the calm and relaxing ambience of this place.

I am quite interested in taking a dive into the history and culture of the places I visit. Hence I headed towards the Bangkok National Museum which is the largest museum in the entire South East Asia. The collectables and artefacts give a peep into the intricate history of Thailand. I also went for some street shopping to the Khao San Road.